Music Marketing App Prototype

Comps for a second Interwave project. Interwave is a music marketing platform that creates event-based apps for musical artists to promote single & album releases, tours, brand collaborations, etc. Each app is tailor-made for the artist, focused on creating an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience for their fans. This one is an example of an app my company might make – a scavenger hunt for fans of my band, Wildcat Apollo, to do. The scavenger hunt takes users around the venues and art spaces of East Austin, completing a “mission” at each stop. Each mission uses a smart phone’s capabilities, from the accelerometer to the camera, and requires users to interact not just with their phones but with the physical space around them. Users find their way using an augmented reality “map” that uses their phone cameras (I took pictures using the Luminance app to create my mock ups of this concept). I created the artwork using my watercolors and illustration skills to craft a handmade, street-art inspired interface. Once users complete the 4 missions, they get the location of a secret show sent to them. Only people who participate in the app get to go! See the prototype here.