Vocabucats Prototype

See the prototype for my e-learning app, Vocabucats. My instructional objective will be for students to learn an age-appropriate set of vocabulary words. My secondary instructional goal is for children to want to learn more because they enjoy the process. My mobile app will achieve this by “game-ifying” the process of learning. The app will cultivate an active, playful, and competitive mindset in the student as much as possible. Students will not only reach vocabulary goals, but have fun doing it. It will be used in the familiar context of the mobile device (whether phone or tablet), something children associate with play. I have observed that parents often allow children to borrow their mobile devices to distract them in boring or difficult situations, or as a special privilege. Kids love getting to play Angry Birds and other games on their parents’ devices. This time, instead begging to play another level of Angry Birds, they’ll be begging to try to beat another level of the vocabulary game.